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Real-time solution to fight COVID-19 using eye called IRIS AI

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  • Bengaluru-based Integration Wizards Solutions has come up with a solution to avoid manual monitoring of people for maintaining social distance and wearing face masks
  • Kunal Kislays Latest Measure to manage and detect to deter the accurate, agile, accelerated algorithm has been trained to track face mask usage and monitor social distancing.
  • Special CCTV technology will protect people from Corona virus by detecting who do not apply masks and maintain social distance.


  • The corona virus pandemic is major threat globally, the number of cases increasing day by day everywhere, the transmission can only be reduced with the complete cooperation of people.
  • Physical distancing, frequent hand washing, and wearing face masks have proved to be effective to control the transmission of the virus, but not everyone doing the same.
  • This solution helps production based industries and other labor dependent units to monitor the activities with an eye called IRIS AI.
  • This Eye will monitor the building, keeps safe and well-surveyed working environment for employees. Especially during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


  • IRIS AI is a developed solution to combat the Covid-19. It features a full-fledged enterprise-ready facial recognition and classification system.
  • It is a computer vision technology that uses deep neural networks to process data from live video feed of cameras.
  • It is trained to identify people as well as objects like N-95 face mask Surgical Mask who were under the CCTV camera surveillance. It also monitors the social distance between people in real-time with an accuracy in excess of 98%, it raises an Alarm or location WhatsApp, IVR or email notifications to the concerned authority.
  • The solution can be integrated with thermal cameras to detect high temperature as well, technology can detect up to 64 faces in frame. Click on below image to watch video.
  • Mask Detection (Source:
  • An adjustable acceptance of threshold in terms of distance is set for every CCTV Camera. When two or more individuals do not maintain the defined distance for a specific period of time, an alarm will be raised as notification and same will be sent to the concerned authority.
  • IRIS can detect up to 64 faces in frame also interfaced with Buzzers, PA systems.
  • For the AI-enabled platform results are binary, based on this it will tell whether that someone is wearing the mask or not, the option of multi-channel streaming and personalized dashboards makes the monitoring of footage in IRIS easy. Click on below image to watch video.
  • Social distance monitoring (Source:


  • The startup is working with existing clients and the technology has also been implemented by companies globally to restart their manufacturing premises, warehouses, tech parks, and malls.
  • The manual monitoring and compliance enforcement is ineffective in big corporate or large geographical areas. While people can be screened for face masks at entry level, it is not possible to ensure they follow the guidelines all the time while at work. IRIS is striving to make its client organizations a safe place to work by providing real-time solutions.
  • IRIS can work with Azure, AWS, Google, or any other cloud platform with an on-premise deployment option available. According to the startup, this flexibility helps clients with various requirements across geographies.
  • IRIS is a SaaS platform and the user is billed on the basis of the number of cameras and use-cases running for them.

Man behind IRIS AI

  • Mr Kunal Kislay, B.Tech IIT Mumbai, Co-Founder & CEO - Integration Wizards Solutions, an expert in Industrial IoT and enterprise mobility having an extensive experience in deploying industrial IoT, automation and machine learning solutions to fortune 500 customers.
  • Integration Wizards Solutions is at the forefront of innovation. It believes in the transformation and keeping up with the latest technological developments.
  • Over the last 5 years, Kunal has successfully deployed Industrial IOT and enterprise mobility solutions to some of the largest fortune 500 organizations like Dover Energy Automation, Postnord, Xerox, Heineken, Johnson Controls Inc, Assurant etc.,
  • Kunal met Saquib Khan one of the Co-founder when he was working with Birlasoft in an year both moved on to antenna Software. It was here that they met their third co-founder, Kumar Raman and together they started up. Today, the team has grown to about 80 employees, including the founders.
  • Great iNNovationMerge hope that you have understood how technology can protect people from Covid 19.